UpTick makes Excel the optimal user interface for distributed systems

Cloud Excel Productivity

UpTickXL Add-In for Excel

UpTickXL Add-In for Excel provides a broad range of powerful and easy-to-use features to turn ordinary spreadsheets into integrated, efficient and secure business solutions.

Leverage Your Data

  • Share data between globally-dispersed spreadsheets in real-time or on demand
  • Integrate Excel with any data source or application quickly and efficiently
  • Publish any Excel range as Web content that is live, interactive and secure
  • Enable many users to update data in Excel concurrently with all changes preserved

Optimize Your Sheets

  • Perform complex data transformations with short and intuitive equations
  • Radically optimize spreadsheet performance and reduce spreadsheet size
  • Implement path-dependent logic on one or many variables with ease
  • Finely control Excel’s calculation sequencing

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Send event-driven notifications as richly-formatted emails and text messages
  • Launch spreadsheets in pre-specified screen locations and control them remotely
  • Automatically capture periodic snapshots of important data
  • Interact with Excel just by clicking on cells

…and so much more.

Start building real, enterprise-grade applications with Excel today. No VBA required.

Cloud Margin Analysis

UpTick MarginServer

UpTick MarginServer is a smart adaptor between UpTickXL Server and exchange SPAN* margin utilities. MarginServer makes it easy to perform sophisticated portfolio margin analyses in Excel.

Portfolio Margin Calculation

Quickly generate detailed margin reports for futures and futures options portfolios.

Hypothetical Trade Evaluation

See the margin impact of any number of hypothetical trades added to an existing portfolio.

Margin Allocation

Allocate a firm-wide margin to individual accounts based on each account’s relative margin contribution.

Historical Reporting

Run margin reports for any date in the past.

Reference Data Discovery

Easily search exchange-specific margin reference data in Excel.

*SPAN® is a registered trademark of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.