Cloud UpTickXL

Data Sharing Solution

UpTickXL connects Excel, securely and in real time, with anything. Trusted for mission-critical applications by leading global trading firms.

Empower Your People

Empower Your People

Turn any Excel user into a publisher of rich, real-time, globally-accessible content

Leverage Your Data

Leverage Your Data

Rapidly integrate Excel with existing data sources via simple APIs in popular languages

Sleep Soundly

Sleep Soundly

UpTickXL is engineered for constant uptime under extreme loads and robust end-to-end security

Architecture Architecture

UpTickXL Components

UpTickXL Server

UpTickXL Server is the hub of the messaging system. It exposes simple, server-side APIs that facilitate quick integration with any system running on any platform. UpTickXL Server supports clustering for hot failover, data redundancy, load balancing and constant uptime. Both on-premises and hosted deployments are supported.

UpTickXL Add-In for Excel

UpTickXL Add-In enables real-time and on-demand communication between instances of Excel and other applications via UpTickXL Server. UpTickXL Add-In also provides powerful Excel utility methods that greatly simplify the creation of highly functional and efficient spreadsheets.

UpTickXL API Client Libraries

Client-side UpTickXL APIs that further simplify systems integration are available for a number of popular programming languages.

Any ApplicationAny Data SourceCustom ServerApplicationUpTickXLAPICustom AdaptorUpTickXLAPIUpTickXL ServerClusterCustom DataProviderUpTickXLAPIExcel(Home Office)UpTickXLAdd-inExcel(Remote Office)UpTickXLAdd-inCustom DesktopApplicationUpTickXLAPI